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quality of Asian printung

It’s as good as, or better than, American printing. That’s the result of highly trained artisans, world-class technology, and standards of excellence that match, or exceed, those of the best American printers.

Turnaround varies with the size and complexity of the job, as well as the final destination’s distance from major ports. We generally send across the ocean by ship, but partial orders and rush jobs may be air-freighted.

  • Average turnaround for hard proof: one week.
  • Average turnaround for printing and finishing: one to two weeks.
  • Average shipping time to U.S. west coast ports: 11 days.
  • Average US customs: three to five days to be ready to deliver to you.

Need more information? Simply contact us for details.

No—but there is a minimum amount required to offset shipping costs and make an Asian job less expensive than an American one. Contact us and we can discuss details, or submit your request for a quote, and we can give you even more specifics and price-breaks.

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Certainly. We have experienced professionals, on call, to do press checks for you—or, if you like, we can schedule a personal press check for you in Asia. Either way, your job will first be press-proofed, printed, and bound with the exact stocks and inks you've specified, for your approval, before the job is run. For more information, or to schedule a press check, simply contact us.

You'll have virtually as many choices as you have in the States. However, you'll save even more if you select any of the variety of high quality, Asian-made papers. And remember, before your job is fully run, you'll get an actual press proof, printed on the very stock you select, to hold, examine, and approve.

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We handle it all. As we've said, we want your OAP experience to be as seamless as possible, so we'll handle all details of packing, routing, shipping, and customs. Just give us a destination and a deadline. We can deliver your job to any place on earth.