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Boxes… sleeves… inserts… whatever you can dream up, we can create—with better quality, for less money.

In America, you’re always looking to cut costs—and sacrifice image. With OAP, you don't need to.

Otherwise known as bottle caps, these require sophisticated techniques for both manufacture and printing on metal. Oriental Art Press is your connection to the finest FDA-approved crowns and crown printing anywhere, using the same equipment that serves many of the world’s most recognized brands.


Don’t limit your press-run. Don’t shy away from extra inks or varnishes. With OAP, you can add them all, even if printing in Asia, while staying within your American budget.

Keep your marketing message in your customers’ eyes 365 days a year; Oriental Art Press can design and produce day planners, journals, and diaries.

For beer and other bottled beverages, Oriental Art Press provides the highest quality printing—using eight-color gravure process and available gold and silver foils—to provide vivid, durable, and surprisingly cost-effective labels. Indeed, we’re the exclusive U.S. representative of the finest specialty printer of this type in South Korea.


If you can print more pieces, you can reach more people. If you can reach more people, you can generate more sales. Isn’t it nice to know that, with OAP, you can afford to print more pieces—without compromising quality?

Hard-bound… soft-bound… coffee-table books… Asia is the place to print them, and OAP is your gateway to Asia. Let us show you how cost-effective book-printing can be.

Any day is a good day to increase quality and cut costs—and calendars (and other consumables) lend themselves perfectly to the superlative Asian printing that Oriental Art Press brings to you. We design and produce desk calendars, wall calendars, day planners, pocket calendars, and more.