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A printed piece is only good to you if it comes with good service. At Oriental Art Press, we’re with you every step of the way, from “pre-production” (ensuring your job will run smoothly before production, whether overseas or here in the U.S.) to final delivery of the finished job. The relationships we form with our clients are more like partnerships—reflective of our commitment to you. So we’ll get competitive bids from Asian and American printers to provide you with the best-value solution for your project… quality control... manage the all production steps including schedule... provide proofs... handle all communications… attend press checks (if you desire)… and keep you apprised of every piece of crucial information that concerns the outcome of your important project.

Why print in Asia? In a word, price. You won't find higher quality, or more advanced technology, than you do in Asia; but labor costs are so much lower there, that they offset (no pun intended) the costs of shipping. By an enormous margin. That’s why so many American companies utilize Oriental Art Press: with one phone call, to an American office, they can cut cost while maintaining quality—or maintain cost and increase quality. In fact, depending upon your project, we can save you up to 40 percent on printing by using our Asian or even American printers.

The history of printing dates back many centuries in Asia—even before Gutenberg. It’s always been an art form, and today, many of the world’s finest artisans can be found in Asia, manning the world’s largest presses. At Oriental Art Press, we use our 30-plus years of experience to make the most of this trove of printing resources: We take advantage of the highest quality, state-of-the-art equipment. We use the world’s finest presses, like Heidelberg and Komori. We provide meticulous pre-press service. And we print your job using vivid inks that are often unavailable in the US. Whatever the form of your artwork, whatever the format of your final piece, we can produce it, better and more cost-effectively. Whether your mechanicals are on paper or reside on a server in the cloud, we understand the media. And since your OAP representative is schooled in both printing and design, you can be sure that your intentions will hit the printed page, hard.

We do a lot more than just provide printing. Oriental Art Press has teams of talented individuals who can provide you with as much—or as little—help as you need. We can even design a standout piece for you from scratch: just give us your ideas, sketches, scribbles… we’ll turn them into something you’ll be proud to print. With us, of course.

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Our experienced and knowledgeable staff are here to ensure the quality and smooth production of your printing project. Even when we print in Asia, turnaround is surprisingly fast: You can get an actual paper proof in just one to two weeks, depending upon the complexity of the job. Normal turnaround for printing and finishing averages one to two weeks. Rush turnaround (for full or partial orders) is available, too. We can air-freight a job to you in as little as three to five days. Or, swap time-savings for cash-savings, and ship by sea. Average shipping time to U.S. west coast ports is 11 days. And that’s by no means a limit: we can ship and deliver your job to any destination on earth.

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